26 letter of the alphabet

Kids will have fun learning all 26 letter of the alphabet letters with these fun alphabet crafts for each letter from A to Z. Perfect for toddler, preschool, prek, and kindergarten age kids.

Introducing letters to young kids should be done in a fun way. Whether it is through play, crafts, sensory activities or song and movement activities, it should be enjoyable to all. Here are 26 ideas, one for each letter of the alphabet to start you off. Turn the letter aA into an alligator or an apple. Use circle stickers or do-a-dot markers for this B is for Bus activity. D is for dinosaur and dots!

Have fun learning about dinosaurs, dots or dotty dinosaurs? Turn an E into an elephant, a super fun craft! Can you make the sound if an elephant? Discover feathers, a great sensory experience and fill up the fF shaoe with feathers too. Make this Gum ball craft out of the letter shape G, use different colors for tour gum balls to work on color recognition too!