A program of physical education of children

This article needs additional citations for verification. In STEM high schools, transfer students are permitted to enroll provided the student is coming from another STEM high school, from an RSHS or from the PSHS System. In the Regional Science High School Union and the PSHS System, transfers are only allowed a program of physical education of children their respective systems for incoming sophomores only.

Students who wish to transfer from an STEM high school to the RSHS or PSHS systems will not be admitted, although the reverse is permissible. All three types of science high school also maintain different grading systems. STEM high schools and the RSHS Union apply the standard grading system for high schools in the Philippines, while the PSHS System maintains a unique grading system using the 1. The Tech-Voc program seeks to provide early training for labor skills, particularly on machine works, trade, agriculture, information technology, among others. The program is offered to graduating high school students and its main purpose is to either prepare them for college or to enable them to work in various industries. The technical-vocational program has 18 areas of specialization which includes: machine shop, automotive technology, welding, electronics technology, building construction, furniture and cabinet making, plumbing, electricity, computer technology, food processing, animal production, fish processing, fish capture, fish culture, agriculture, PC operations and technical drawing.