A project of spiritual moral education of children

Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you a project of spiritual moral education of children. Tony and Teena were recently married couples.

They lived in a South Indian village. A month after their wedding, Tony had to go abroad to work in a foreign country. There was no one to stay with Teena. Her close friend, Meena invited her to stay with her. Tony returned to their home after several months. Teena and Tony reopened their house, cleaned it and started to live there. The next day, he went to town and could return only by dusk.

When he neared their house, he heard the loud sound of Teena. Obviously, she was on the phone, speaking to someone. The caller introduced herself as Meena, the close friend of Teena. Teena was talking to my child for a long time and I was listening to their intimate talk. Suddenly, Teena made a loud cry and stopped her talk. He realized that he had foolishly misunderstood his wife and misinterpreted her sweet talk to the innocent infant.

Teena was rushed to the hospital in his car. She had to undergo a major surgery. After weeks of intensive treatment, she recovered and returned to their home, but her hair had to be shaved off prior to the surgery. Her head retained marks of the trauma.

It is wrong to draw conclusions until we know all the facts. Three unmarried girls are responsible for most of the troubles in the world. Prejudice, discrimination, racism,  judgement by external appearances and impulsive reactions have plagued humanity for centuries. Such biased judgements do not reflect truth or reality. Jesus teaches us the dangers of wrongly judging others. When we point one finger at another person, three other fingers on the same hand point towards us. Often we fail to notice our own imperfections when we watch the defects and sins of others.