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News Riddle solved behind 54 severed hands found in Siberian snow Multiple theories have been swirling around the origin of a bag of severed hands found on an icy Siberian island. Russian investigators now believe they have the answer. Several days ago Russian fishermen found a sack containing 54 severed hands in the far eastern stretches of icy Siberia near the Chinese border. The frozen hands belonged to at least 27 people, local police in Khabarovsk found after conducting fingerprint checks. The Siberian Times reported that an investigative committee has come up with an odd answer to a riddle that has prompted all sorts of speculation about the hands’ origin. It appears that the hands were from a forensic laboratory or a hospital and were improperly discarded, it┬áreported. Local media reported the sack was found alongside medical bandages and surgical shoe covers.

In Russia, the hands of unidentified corpses are sometimes severed in order to retain fingerprints for identification after the burial. However, it is unclear why both hands of corpses would be cut off when only one would be needed for identification. It is also unclear why fingerprints were not taken and stored in a database, instead of severing hands. The investigating committee is now looking into whether a local hospital or forensic lab improperly discarded the hands. Indigenous groups have seen a steady deterioration of protection under the conservative government. The victim had dreamed of being “slaughtered” since childhood. Russian governor resigns over deadly Kemerovo mall fire 01.

The long-serving governor of Russia’s Kemerovo region, Aman Tuleyev, has resigned after a fire in the regional capital killed scores of people. He said he could no longer continue his work with “such a heavy burden. Russia copes with grief and anger as it buries its dead 28. Funerals are being held in Russia for the scores of people killed in a fire in a shopping mall in Siberia. Two-thirds of the dead were children. Russia is observing a national day of mourning.