Abcd alphabet letters

403 ERROR The request could not be satisfied. Have you ever wondered how even very young kids are able abcd alphabet letters hum their favorite songs or the title track of their favorite animation series?

It’s because they want to remember them, and their desire has given them an incentive to associate these songs and tracks with something they like. While there may be a number of charts and games available these days online and offline, there can be nothing more fun than giving your child a pack of colors and some fun coloring sheets which they can sit with for hours. Are you trying too hard to get your kid to learn the letters? Is your child too playful for you to get him to concentrate on the alphabets? Here are our pick of top 25 alphabet coloring sheets that will make ABC your child’s best friends. Trust us when we say you will see your kid learn a lot more now, than what he would if you sat for hours trying to drill it down him. Alphabet Parade:Give this colorful printout to your kid and tell him how ABC are his new playmates who will open up a whole fun world for him.

Get him to color up this sheet and cut out each of the characters and paste on top of ABC collage sheet. Fun characters and colors will soon make your kid want to go ahead and proceed from just ABC to A to Z. My Own A To Z Chart:Why buy charts from stores to teach alphabets? Guess The Alphabet:Now that we have learnt alphabets coloring it’s time to revise. This alphabet coloring page would be a great tool to get your kid to strengthen his association power. How about a fun game, after your kid is done coloring all the objects in the coloring sheet, both mom and kid can play a fun guessing game of which alphabet belongs to which image. Here is a super fun activity that you and your child both can do as a team.

First print this coloring page and get your child to color it well. Take a pair of scissors and cut out 26 pieces of thick paper or cardboard, now cut each alphabet along the outline. Tell your child to stick them up on pieces of cardboard. This is a great activity for your kid to take back to school and feel super proud that he and his mom made his own set of first flash cards. Small Letters:Now that your kid has learnt capital letters, it is time to teach him how to write small alphabets.