Activities for preschoolers and toddlers

New Year’s Activities for preschoolers and toddlers can be a fun night for parents AND kids without keeping kids awake until midnight! By the time Christmas ends and New Year’s Eve rolls around, I usually can’t even stay awake until midnight myself.

For the past few years I’ve had fun celebrating New Year’s Eve with my kids as toddlers and preschoolers. I thought I would gather some of my favorite ideas all in one place! These activities are some favorites that we have tried in the past. Please share additional ideas that have worked for you or any variations on these ideas that you have tried! Last year we tried out New Year’s Eve countdown bags inspired by Organize Your Stuff Now.

Inside each bag we put a little treat and a slip of paper with a quick activity on it. Some of the activities we did are listed below. We loved these creative New Year’s Eve crowns from Pink Stripey Socks in 2016, and this year they have some fun Plastic Spoon New Years Crowns that we may be trying. We decorated our crowns with sparkles and markers and crayons. You can get really fancy using all sorts of embellishments if your kids really like decorating crowns. M numbers using an outline drawn on a piece of paper. We’ve loved the New Year’s Eve printable BINGO sheets from 30 Handmade Days.

We use little plastic tiles as counters to cover each spot. Ms, large plastic counters work the best. I like these sheets because they include pictures for younger kids and words for older kids. For our sparkly number play dough activity we like to build the number for the new year out of play dough and then we give the kids bowls of beads and sequins and gems and they get to decorate the numbers. I am always surprised at how long the kids spend decorating and looking for jems and jewels. Pom pom shooters are one of our favorite things.

Making a New Years pom pom shooter that blasts colorful pom poms everywhere is always a hit! We use styrofoam or paper cups and cut off the bottom of the cups. Check out this pom pom shooter tutorial by Red Ted ArtĀ for more details. These are such a colorful and fun way to celebrate the new year! No matter how fun our NYE activities are, glow stick hide and seek always wins the “best activity” award because the kids love playing it again and again and again.