Activities to do with preschoolers indoors

We Just Published Our First Book! Cardboard can be cut and folded into activities to do with preschoolers indoors many things like toy houses, castles, cars, boats, play mats, mini towns, play people, or anything else you can think of. Cardboard is probably the most versatile item you will be able to use to make crafts.

Here you will find boxes and cardboard crafts projects for kids. There are few things that are more fun to make than a Tiny Town Box Village. Get a firm corrugated cardboard carton will do. Don’t level off the earth flat, but pat it into little hills, to make it look like a countryside. Be sure, however, to pack the earth firmly.

Spread some moss, real or artificial, over the brown earth. Leave a road not covered with grass. For trees, use leafy twigs and evergreen branches. Firstly, Find a bowl or something round that is about 5″ wide and one that is a bit smaller this is to trace the circles.

You can use any type of box for this, even though we are calling it a shoe box castle. Just wrap your cardboard box with paper or paint it. Also do the same thing with paper towel rolls. Then when everything is dried, you can start cutting notches at the top of the box and the cardboard tubes.

Cut cardboard for bottom of wastebasket. Cut 4 sides like pattern above. Find 2 boxes that are about the same size. Paint the boxes blue or wrap the boxes with blue paper.

3 sides, the hinge being at the bottom Cut a slit at the top of one of the boxes. On the door, tie a rope through 2 holesand tie a knot at the back of each hole. Look at the picture above to see what I mean. Packages can go in the top door.

Letters can go in the top slit. The bottom door is for the mailman to collect the letters to deliver. This craft is a lot of fun to make and even more fun to play with. I will give you some basic guidelines to make this, but use your own creativity to make it even better. Connect a few large boxes together, as pictured above.