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Nutritious breakfast and snack recipes—with food activities for kids! Reinforce your child’s time telling skills with this award-winning mobile app! Get expert advice on reading, homework help, learning activities, and more. Do We Reveal Too Much About Our Kids Online? When Should You Get Your Kid a Cell Phone? By now, most parents have heard about studies that discourage exposing very young children to television. But the reality is that almost three quarters of infants and toddlers are exposed to TV programs before they turn 2.

So what exactly are the dangers? Are any programs or videos acceptable for infants and toddlers? Studies on TV and toddlers are fairly rare, but children’s media expert Shelley Pasnik has scoured the research to answer parents’ most common questions about young children and television. How prevalent is TV in the lives of very young children? Has there been much research done on the effects of TV on infants and toddlers? Does TV viewing take the place of other activities, such as playing outside?

Does it matter what very young children watch? Does the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend against TV viewing for children under the age of 2? Are there differences between girls and boys viewing? Can a very young child understand what’s on TV? Does TV viewing lead to obesity? Does having a TV on in the background matter? Can TV help a young child’s language development?