American schools system

ADC Congratulates Staff Attorney Yolanda Rondon on American schools system Recognition. ADC’s Impact: A Voice for Our Community. California Proclaims Arab American Heritage Month.

House of Representatives is considering an anti-immigration and anti-family bill. Action Alert: Oppose Trump’s Anti-Palestinian Nominee. Action Alert: Defeat Anti-Immigration, Anti-Family Bill. ACT NOW To Stop Trump’s Xenophobic Secretary of State Nominee. This is a crucial time for Arab Americans.

Donations from our members and friends are VITAL to ADC. Help us combat discrimination, protect the civil and human rights of the Arab American community, promote mutual understanding, and preserve our rich cultural heritage. ADC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. School is compulsory until age 16. All professors in public schools and universities are employed and paid by the state. Separation of church and state was decreed in 1905 but Catholic schools continue to coexist alongside public ones – and get state funding for teachers salaries, social security costs, and scholarships. French high schools and note that there are few options and few extra-curicular activities.

Click to understand the “Grandes Ecoles” system, which concerns mostly science and business studies. But it is a fact that French Universities do not offer as many services and facilities as American universities and from this standpoint, only Grandes Ecoles compare to the US system. The grading system goes from 0 to 20 with 20 being perfect. The grading system is extremely tough. Hardly anyone ever gets a 20 or even an 18 or 19. Teachers read the grades out loud when they hand back homework and tests. France has a dual university system : the “Universités” and the “Grandes Ecoles”.