Animals for young children

Plant a seed, it will grow. On every acre, in all we do, Red Gate Farm is for children and about learning. We plant seeds in the garden and in the hearts and minds of each young person who joins us in nurturing the land, caring for the animals for young children, enjoying meaningful experiences, and building for the future.

Our commitment to connecting children and farming informs all of our programs and events. From tots discovering the joy of Mornings on the Farm to teen apprentice farmers in our Summer Camp programs, Red Gate Farm partners with parents and teachers in public, private and home schools, year-round. Our farmers and educators work side-by-side with you and your children to plant the seeds of curiosity, strength, courtesy, satisfaction, and connection. Farms are the perfect place for young people to connect with the things that really matter, to the land that sustains them, and to the natural world that surrounds them.

We know that the busyness of life and the call of technology can keep simple, life-nourishing experiences at the end of a long-list of to-dos. And yet, we also know that our children need time and space to engage in the sensory delights, purposeful work, and daily adventures found on a farm. Please forward this error screen to 46. Please forward this error screen to dprhcp304. In every Province across Canada and the North West Territories animals are being starved, neglected, tortured, abused and abandoned. Daniels did this because he was not allowed to borrow the family’s car.