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Will Jew-Owned Fed Reserve Bank Kill Ron Paul? Will The Jews Provoke WW III In Kosovo? For The Best Alternative News CLICK: Rense. AIPAC was bombarded with Washington grovelers all trying to prove they are the bigger fan of Israel than the rest of the fawning pack of lawmakers. Because unlike any other organization, AIPAC has the power to end any politician’s career. It is now commonly held knowledge in the Jew-controlled halls of Washington that if a politician ever speaks out for the rights of the Palestinians or even hints at Israel’s genocidal policies, this would mean the end of that lawmaker’s career.

Such a lawmaker would be shunned by his colleagues, making any legislation he proposes, particularly for his own state, almost impossible to get passed. Hilliard was defeated by a flood of pro-Israel money sent to his opponent, Arthur Davis. Over one million dollars of Davis’ campaign funding arrived just in the nick of time from New York City only thirty days before the primary. Hilliard said that most of the money came from AIPAC.

The Black Commentator: The pro-Israel contributors made no secret of their support for your opponent, Arthur Davis. Was it their intention to make a public display of wealth? Hilliard: Definitely – the seed of fear. It sends a message to every member of Congress. The Black Commentator: What is the message? Hilliard: Vote for Israel or face defeat. The Black Commentator: Did you sense you were in danger?

Hilliard: Let me tell you when I first realized I had a problem. Several people called me and told me that Davis was on national TV, MSNBC, CNN, and to turn on CNN and I could pick it up every hour. I said, No, man, that guy doesn’t have that kind of money. AIPAC was introducing him at a fundraiser for him in Washington. 272,000 at another AIPAC fundraiser in New York. Almost immediately, the next ads started, and they didn’t stop.