Around the world alphabet

It’s five o’clock in London and Ryan is watching TV. What time is it in other parts of the world and what are other children doing? Print an activity for around the world alphabet story.

When it’s five o’clock in the afternoon in London, what time is it where you live? What are you doing at that time? UK, which is 7 hours behind china. Different areas have different zone, even though some areas are in the same country.

Courses Find a face-to-face or online course near you. The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Please forward this error screen to 91. There are 15 types of electrical outlet plugs in use today, each of which has been assigned a letter by the U. A and moving through the alphabet. These letters are completely arbitrary: they don’t actually mandate anything. Click here for a global map showing the spread of the different plug types used around the world.

Click here for a detailed list of the countries of the world with their respective plug and outlet types, voltage and frequency. A comprehensive list of all countries that use a specific kind of plug can be found here. Click on the right letter, but watch for the snake! Practise the sounds of the alphabet.

What letter of the alphabet sounds like this? Ratty, the evil arch-villain, is trying to take over the world. Can you crack the secret codes and find Ratty? Can you put the letters of the alphabet in the right order?