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You artistically aesthetic upbringing of children of preschool age to login to do this. We dare you to put a genre on this. It’s a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel.

You know, with a bit of pornography if you’re lucky. Most creative work fits nicely into a series of classifications. We can quickly tell the difference between a sitcom and a sonnet, and we know what to expect in each one. Even if a work defies our specific expectations about tropes, it usually conforms to more general expectations about the genre. A sci-fi show can be new and different and innovative, but it can at the same time very clearly be science fiction, with a whole range of tropes assumed in that category. Every so often, something comes along that just does not fit into our usual map of genres.

Most of the time, these kinds of pieces get thrown out, so no one remembers them. If they’re good they go on to found new genres. This means that Genre Busters are often Trope Makers for a whole range of tropes. Of course, even genre busters are not entirely original but they are original enough—and powerful enough—that they appear to transcend genre. Compare Genre Mashup, when a work combined existing genres. Haruhi Suzumiya is a little bit of sci-fi, comedy, mystery, romance, and slice of life in a highschool setting. The dearly departed Satoshi Kon made his career out of this.

Most of his films have strange or unconventional premises. Magical Project S started as a parody of magical girls, but then becomes an indecisive parody that sometimes took its elements seriously. Then it explored psychological and deep themes, then explored the concept of friendship. Bakemonogatari is a comed- well, a bit, maybe, but it’s mainly an action Hang on, there’s not much of that either. Okay, so it’s a harem no, not quite. Well, the main character has a love interest, but that’s not the focus of the show.

No, it’s a romantic slice of life comedy! CLANNAD: Word of God states that the main theme is family. Mind screwfor the viewer at least? Planetes is hard sci-fi, with plenty of drama, strong themes on relationship building, and a few comedy bits to relax the audience. Some people just agreed upon it to be a slice-of-life story, but In Space!

A fusion of suspense, drama and horror, with some slice of life and social commentary about the least appealing aspects of the Japanese society thrown in for good measure. The other half is a thriller. Revolutionary Girl Utena is a complex, metaphorical coming of age story seen through the lens of Buddhism, Gnosticism, and Jungian philosophy. It also uses deconstructionist theory to tackle issues such as gender roles, the incest taboo, and binary principle. Radio City Fantasy’s minimal plot should make it a straightforward romantic comedy until it takes surrealist segues.

Axis Powers Hetalia: The whole premise of the series itself is “genre busting”, since it is a series about personified nations living and acting out the lives based on the historical happenings and interactions of the countries they represent. Kara no Kyoukai is a mix of romance, horror, Urban Fantasy, murder mystery, and action. Have fun listing Slayers as a single genre of anime. Set in a fantasy world, it includes comedy, action, and large amounts of dramaoften into a single episode!