As knead the dough for sculpting the child

Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator. We as knead the dough for sculpting the child to try more clay recipes in the future but, for now, this is the only one that we have tried for ourselves.

This recipe is for a flour and salt clay that air drys. While the original recipe does not suggest doing so, we mixed the salt and flour prior to adding the water to make what we hoped to be a more uniform clay. We started mixing with a wooden spoon as it took a while for the mixture to start resembling clay and then started working with our hands to get the ingredients to combine. This amount of water is enough though it may not appear to be correct at first.

The original recipe suggested kneading for 10 minutes. If you find you clay becoming a little dry, when you take the next piece to create with, dip a finger or toothpick in water, let most of the water drip back into the water and then take your moist finger and work with the clay. It doesn’t take much water to get it back into shape and the clay will become very sticky if you add too much water at once. If you do add too much water, let the clay sit in the open to slightly air dry or add some of the unmoistened bit. When kept in a sealed bag, this clay seems to remain quite usable. While I would not recommend keeping it so long, we made this clay over 8 weeks ago and the clay is still moist and workable. There are so very many free clay recipes floating around on the web.

It seems like most kids craft websites are simply posting the clay dough recipes without trying the clay first. To prevent cracking, make firm clay balls and snakes. The head of our octopus was not made firmly and it has cracks across the surface while the other items where we made our shapes more firmly did not. We found it useful to create a small amount of slip to hold the pieces together while we were creating our sculptures. Slip is simply clay that has an excessive amount of water added to it that has the consistency of thick gravy or kid’s glue. A toothpick will help make eyes and other details neater.