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47 0 0 0 13 6. These cruise ships are making waves with new kid-friendly rides, shows, and even more spacious cabins. Call it a kid takeover of the high seas. Cruise lines are going after the family crowd like never before, adding elaborate water parks, upgrading best kid reading training video activities, and making shows more kid-friendly.

Here is the number that has caught the cruise lines’ collective attention: more than 1. Carnival Cruise Lines alone hosted 710,000 kids onboard its 24 ships in 2012, and expects 725,000 kid passengers in 2013. The numbers, says spokesman Vance Gulliksen, represent records both for the cruise line and the industry. Activity rosters for toddlers to teens are so full of age-appropriate programming that some big ships give kids their own daily newsletter. And as a result, there can be less time together than you might expect out of a family vacation.