Best preschool educational websites

There are lots of wonderful ways to help our child practice the skills they are learning in school. Often times with some of these great educational sites our children don’t even best preschool educational websites that they are learning at the same time! I went crazy and found a bunch. I spent many hours digging through cyberspace to find and test out the following educational game sites.

I spent about an hour a site digging and finding the best parts. Also I have spent time teaching grades K-6 so I have used my knowledge to determine the validity the games on these great sites. Just bookmark this page, and every time you want to use a new site you can come here to find it quickly. This site has lots of great language arts games. It takes a fun game like this snowman game and has words that it helps your child sound out. There are lots of seasonal games as well as early reading, phonics, as well as reading practice for 1st and 2nd graders. There is SO much on here.

Curious George games, although the T. The game shown is called Present Time, you choose a gift, go to the store, decorate the wrapping paper, and give it away, it’s great! This site is great because it’s split up into grades K-5 so there’s no guess work there! I spent a lot of time on this site trying to find the best games to tell you about.

My 5th grade fave is the U. There are also fun seasonal and holiday games for each grade level when you scroll to the bottom of each grade levels page. Sorry, this site was just really fun to explore! Well after I posted this list on Monday I found an phenomenal site on Wednesday!

I can’t believe I’ve never been to this site. It has hundreds of educational games, for literacy, math and science. It also has learning videos on subjects like the plant life cycle, frog life cycle, the 5 senses, and more with review games you can play afterward. Wo this is another great site. This site is has games for kids ages 3-7 and another section for kids ages 8-12.

There is also a lot to this site as well. Pictured here are the ABC games which are for practicing letter recognition. There are also lots of other harder games that are also educational. Check it out it’s a pretty good site. Thanks to Jane and the Jitterbugs for telling me about this site! I am so excited about it! This site has lots of learning games for kids of ALL ages.

It’s very tutorial centered which is good for learning a new concept. I know I’m crazy but I keep finding more and more sites! Some of them like Animal Jam require an e-mail address and some personal info about your child, just FYI. Here’s another new great site that I found. I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt!