Boy abusing kids in daycare

This year, there will boy abusing kids in daycare some changes. The Latest: Starbucks plans training on “unconscious bias.

They are often forced to live in the shadows, condemned as freaks. But now one transgender child has spoken out about her unhappiness at feeling like she had being born into the wrong body. Danann Tyler, who was born male but now dresses as a little girl and has long hair, says she was bullied at school and felt hurt by other children telling her she was a boy. Orange County, California, is the subject of a new feature length documentary about transgender people. Teens Caught In The Wrong Bodies’ which is scheduled to air on Wednesday, she told journalist Anderson Cooper: ‘My school, people were telling me that I was a boy and it made me really sad.

Danann’s parents, Sarah and Bill Tyler, who also appeared on the show, said they did not know what was wrong with their son when, from aged two, he insisted he was a girl. Was this 10-year-old bullied to death? He never had any interest in the toys his elder brother Liam had loved. His sippy cup had to be pink. When a family friend playing dress up put him in a princess gown, he refused to take it off. Sarah, a yoga instructor, wrote on her blog: ‘When I picked Dana up at Daycare, he was always with a group of girls, playing in the fabulous faux kitchen or with dolls, dressed in one of the many worn princess costumes that had been donated by parents from the past. He insisted on being bought, and wearing a pair of Target high heeled slippers -just like hers, she remembered.

The family pediatrician dismissed it as a phase. But for her parents the child’s angst was heartbreaking. Sarah said: ‘Aged about four she said, ‘I don’t think God is so great because God made a mistake when he made me. Shortly after she talked about cutting off her penis and that concerned me a lot.

By age six Danann was so unhappy she was threatening to hang herself. Doctors diagnosed the child as bipolar, dyslexic and ADHD and prescribed various medications. The Tylers consulted gay friends, who said that she was probably more than just a gay child. Eventually the Tylers took the troubled child out of school, as she was getting bullied and was not getting the support she needed from teachers. Bill Tyler, a police officer, said: ‘They would say things like, ‘She has to stop bringing princess backpacks to school, lunch boxes. It’s confusing the kids, and it’s causing a distraction.