Boy doing exercise

Jake Vella suffers from a rare hormonal condition that causes him to rapidly gain weight despite eating healthy and doing regular exercise. There is nothing anyone can do to stop the weight gain, but in order to stop the process and stay alive, the 7-year-old boy competes in triathlons. Jake’s parents first noticed there was something wrong with him three years ago, when he gained about 20 pounds in just six months. He kept boy doing exercise on weight despite eating only salad.

But the young boy from Malta wants to fight for his life. Although there is no known way to fully stop the weight gain, he does everything he can to slow it down, including regularly competing in triathlons. Triathlons help Jake to keep fit and active. He trains with the Malta Youth Triathlon Association three times a week, and it really is like a second family to him. He is extremely positive and motivated and easily the most dedicated.

Jake is very lovable and steals the heart of all who know him. It is sad and heartbreaking to see what he has to go through. Jake gets as normal a life as possible. Everybody is more than happy to help Jake, and they gladly change event dates and training schedules just to make it easier for him to attend. He is always very determined, but due to his condition, he can’t allow himself to get carried away. He can’t allow himself to get too hot, or push his heart rate too high.