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Does requiring students to wear uniforms directly affect school environment and student achievement, or is it the equivalent of painting the walls of a crumbling building — merely cosmetic? What do students, teachers, and parents say? Shopping for back-to-school clothes was just a little different this year for gap-toothed third grader Adi Sirkes, who needed new clothes after his school adopted a uniform dress policy. Next year, he’ll go to a different school, one that mandates different uniforms — and that will mean yet another whole new wardrobe. My son’s an unusual size,” his mother Irit told Education World, “so it’s hard to find him clothes anyway. Limiting what I buy to certain colors makes shopping for him not only more expensive but that much harder. My fifth-grade daughter used to like school,” added Connie Terry, “but last year, her school switched to uniforms.

Now when I ask her how school is going, the first thing out of her mouth is she hates uniforms. Even during the summer time, she’d say, ‘I hate to wear uniforms. My daughter likes to be individual, to wear what she wants. She doesn’t want to have to wear what everyone else is wearing. Despite complaints like these, public schools throughout the United States are adopting uniform dress policies. In 1994, the Long Beach, California, school system began requiring that students wear uniforms. The system recorded a drop in suspensions, assaults, thefts, vandalism, and weapon and drug violations and an increase in attendance.