Bread free school lunches

I hope everyone is doing great. We bread free school lunches doing fantastic although life is a little hectic with many after school practices. Have I mentioned that Nikolai has ventured into acting, which is yet another activity.

The current play which they are rehearsing is Beauty and The Beast in which he will be playing Maurice, Belle’s dad, and we can’t wait to watch! The other day, I was listening to my favorite pastor speak on Sirius XM while driving. He said that some moms may be packing a simple lunch and feel it’s just simple, nothing special, BUT, we may be packing for someone special in the future, our kid could be the next doctor, the next President, the next Bill Gates, etc. That message really inspired me to share these lunches which I initially thought of not posting! These lunches were packed in a flash, less than 5 minutes or so, because some days that has to be enough! I suspect others find themselves in a similar circumstance.

Last year I’ve shared a post  of easy lunches packed in 10 minutes or less which can be found HERE. Keep reading for the description of each lunch. Bento lunch 1: Main compartment contains bread roll-ups, sweet red and yellow pepper slices and a babybel cheese in my favorite square silicone cups. Sides are seedless green grapes and organic granola bar. Bento lunch 2: Sandwich cut into half and stacked with a pick, crackers, with laughing cow cheese and a granola bar in the main compartment. The sides are apple sauce and strawberries with cute eye picks. Bento lunch 3: Sandwich made with Pumpernickel bread and a cute ladybug baran sheet, laughing cow cheese and crackers.

Sides are seedless grapes with a ladybug pick and granola bar cut into half. Bento lunch 4: Main compartment contains sandwich with rye bread cut into half and apple sauce. Sides are organic baby carrots, cheese crackers and granola bar. Of course I had to add the little penguin pick!

Bento lunch 5: Pumpernickel bread with a star cut-out for the sandwich with an organic granola bar make up the main section. Sides are Babybel cheese, Annie’s organic crackers and peach slices in a silicone cup. Bento lunch 6: Sandwich cut into half with a string cheese divider. Organic apple slices and seedless grapes populate the smaller sections.