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Please forward bullet train videos for kids tgv error screen to 176. Sign up for our Today In Entertainment Newsletter. For most people, the end of an exam should mean the end of the day’s stress as their attention turns to the simple task of making their way home.

But for students who had just finished the Railway Recruitment Board exam at Allahabad Railway Station on Sunday, things were not so straight forward. Hundreds of candidates not only filled the platforms but also spilled on to the tracks before they were forced to cram themselves on to an overcrowded train as they tried to get home at the end of the recruitment exam. With little room left to spare on the platforms of the station, passengers ended up crowding the railway lines as they waited for their train to arrive. Once the train had pulled in to the station however, there was an apparent scramble to get on board, with passengers trying to push their way on to the carriages and even climbing through windows to get inside. Indian Railways is one of the world’s biggest utility employers, with more than 1. The state-owned enterprise is also one of the world’s largest railway networks with 7,172 stations serving up to 23million passengers a day. Earlier this month it was reported that India’s new rail minister had proposed allowing foreign investment to modernise the country’s cash-strapped state railways.

Sadananda Gowda also outlined plans for a network of high-speed trains, with the first project slated to connect the financial capital, Mumbai, with the home state of new Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The ambitious proposals unveiled on July 8 as part of the annual rail budget indicated Modi’s government intends to move quickly to follow through on reform promises. Investors have been looking for signs as to how bold the new government, which swept to power in May, will be in implementing its agenda to revive economic growth. Modi said the rail plans ‘indicate where we want to take the railways and through that where we want to take India. The comments below have been moderated in advance. We are no longer accepting comments on this article.

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