Caldina drawing with children 6 and 7 years

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Please don’t list it on a work’s trope example list. Other factors being equal, evil characters are sexier. Evil does strange things to people. Even though Beauty Equals Goodness, some villains are just gorgeous. A hero temporarily tempted by evil tends to suddenly wear skimpier clothes and be more sexually assertive. An opportunity for Fanservice of all kinds.

When portrayed in fiction they tend to be evil. Applies when the alter ego is evil. Angel Blade is an erotic anime, so evil will be sexy. Mistress Nailkaizer is especially popular, but you’ve also got Chloe, Elaine, and the Black Widow from the sequel. Mitsuko Souma and Kazuo Kiriyama, the two main villains of Battle Royale are described as being the two best-looking students in the class. Tia Harribel: The most stripperiffic resurreccion getup possible? Bambietta Basterbine, just Bambietta Basterbine: definitely a crazy lady, but she’s quite the looker herself, something the camera enjoys pointing out to the audience.

She’s even aware of this as she screws a random soldier and kills him once she bangs him silly. Hot-Blooded attitude when fighting, coupled with the shameless closeups of her skimpy uniform, makes it all the more eye-candy. Ironically enough, Gin has plenty of fangirls, even though Kubo designed him to be creepy and offputting. Light Yagami from Death Note is much hotter when evil than when innocent. Misa Amane, Teru Mikami, Kiyomi Takada and Mello also qualify. Oddly averted in their comically round but nonetheless badass leader, The Millennium Earl, but as of chapter 187 he plays this straight with his human form.

Many of the humanoid Eclipse Celestial Spirits are getting this reaction, too. Of course, considering that the heroes are sexy as well, this shouldn’t be surprising. She isn’t lustful, she’s a lust item herself. Greed, who is introduced with two attractive women hanging on either arm. Sloth in the the 2003 anime version is just as good-looking as Lust, though admittedly she doesn’t ooze sex appeal.

Envy almost reaches this due to being an androgynous Bish┼Źnen. Envy too frightening and disturbing to be viewed sexually. The Count, Fernand and Benedetto from Gankutsuou. Heat Guy J: Daisuke, one of the show’s two heroes, is fairly decent-looking in ways that don’t really inspire lust, being a rather pretty young man with clothes that cover most of his body. Daisuke himself and seems to be an object of desire for most women he encounters.

He even shares a voice actor with Zagato above! He took his shirt off during his grand battle scene. Higurashi: When They Cry is, though she’s already quite sexy once you get past her standard expression. Dakki, the Big Bad of Soul Hunter. She’s well-formed, and often wears revealing outfits. Her magic weapon even gets a power boost when she strikes sexy poses.