Care and child development

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Daniel Doesn’t Want to Wear his Mittens! Daniel learns that when it’s cold outside, he needs to wear his hat and mittens. We would like to thank you for taking time to consider Wee One’s to meet your child’s daily care, development, and education needs. Child Care is a licensed in-home child care, serving family’s child care needs since 2002.

We care for children from birth through five years old, Monday through Friday 6:30am to 6:00pm. As you search for child care, you may have already noticed that there are two basic types of licensed child care facilities, child care centers and licensed in-home providers. Child care centers typically have a large number of children that are grouped by age into classrooms. The number of children in each classroom varies based on the age of the group. For instance, an infant room can have up to eight babies together with two teachers.

A toddler classroom can have up to fourteen little ones with two teachers. And a preschool age classroom can have as many as twenty children in one room together, again with only two teachers. Child care centers tend to be very structured and look and feel more like a school. For the most part , in-home child care facilities look and feel more like your own home.

The child care environment is integrated into the provider’s house. Children may play in the living room, eat at the kitchen table, and play outside in the back yard. The number of children allowed in an in-home facility is dramatically smaller than in a big center. A licensed in-home child care provider can have up to six children by themselves, but only two of those children can be under the age of two years old. If the provider has an assistant or co-provider, then the facility can have up to twelve children, but only four of those twelve children can be under the age of two years old. Typically, most in-home providers have all of the children together, more like a family. In choosing your child’s day care, these are key factors to consider.