Careers in early childhood education salary

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Property Funding and property requirements for school buildings. He Pitopito Korero provides a central place for Ministry wide information for school leaders. He Pānui Kōhungahunga – Early Learning Bulletin Contains important information, changes and events for the early learning community. What are your memories of preschool and early elementary school? But why did these things leave such an impression on us?

It all goes back to the teacher in the front of the room who brought learning to life, and gave us such positive memories. Wanting to recreate this environment for other young children is natural. It is no wonder so many are inspired to study education and specifically focus on a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. State teacher workforce report data for 2017-2018 shows over 80,000 positions filled by unqualified teachers. Early Childhood education is no exception.

School districts are actively seeking certified Early Childhood graduates who can meet the classroom demands. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook forecasts that job opportunities for preschool teachers are expected to grow 10 percent into 2026. 45,230 for those working in elementary and primary schools. Happily, the early childhood career path flows upward, with experience leading to promotions and advancement. What does an Early Childhood Educator Do?

Early Childhood Education is a field that is specially attuned to the life of a young child. The ages that are focused on studying is birth to usually around Grade 3. Lesson planning, creating learning environments, and supporting achievement outcomes are a few of the daily tasks. Where can I work as an Early Childhood Educator? Early childhood educators work in daycares, preschool programs, Head Start centers, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten through around Grade 3 classrooms in public or private schools. They also can be employed in children’s television and media, as children’s museum curators and more. Coursework teaches the about the development, health, and psychology of young children as well as the best methods and curriculum to use in their learning.