Cartoons to prepare children for school

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Please update your browser for a better experience of All4. This page includes a variety of classroom activities that can be used to teach young children about prejudice, social justice, and the importance of looking at the world through the eyes of others. As the following exercise shows, teaching children about diversity does not have to be difficult or complicated — it can be as simple as peeling a lemon. To show children that despite outside differences, people are often similar on the inside.

Gather a group of young children and give one lemon to each child. Then ask the children to “get to know your lemon. Children will examine their lemons — smell them, touch them, throw them in the air, and roll them around. After a few minutes, collect the lemons in a big basket, and ask the children to find their lemons in the pile. Remarkably, most children will recognize their lemons at once. Some will even get protective of them. The lesson also works well with apples or potatoes.

Talking to Your Child About Hatred and Prejudice, Anti-Defamation League. To show children how they can turn exclusive situations in inclusive ones. Play music and have the children walk around the chairs. Tell students that when the music stops, they should quickly find a seat.

Once they have done this and one person has nowhere to sit, challenge the group to find a way for everyone to have a seat. 17 of Partners Against Hate Program Activity Guide, Ant-Defamation League. To show every child that their skin color is unique and beautiful. Have the children paint self-portraits, mixing colors to match their skin tone as closely as they can. When they are finished, ask them to think of a name for their color, such as “coffee,” “peaches,” or “olive.