Celf preschool age range

But the CELF series is not the only indicator of language. Let’s talk about some of celf preschool age range issues.

Can I play with that toy? So there is the first limitation, that you actually need to get a kid to sit down with a book, long enough to administer the whole assessment. Administering the Concepts and Following Directions subtest can be somewhat tricky on a Friday afternoon, where the sun is coming in and all you want to do is come home. Did the student really point to the big black ball and the little white ball after the house and the chicken? And which ones did they point to again? If the student is quick and you’ve lost the plot, then what? It’s not like you can administer the same thing again.

Recalling sentences is also a tricky one. There are times where the sentence is so long, I feel very rude for not looking at my client for the entire sentence. Does Johnny think I’m being rude for not making eye contact? Or do they think that I have ASD and don’t like to make eye contact? I read that correctly or not?