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85 0 0 0 17 4. Enter the terms you wish to search for. Data and sources for Australia, Canada, the United States, and Global. The Workplace Gender Equality Act requires organizations to report whether a gender pay gap analysis has been performed. Australian companies performed a gender pay gap analysis. The gap doesn’t close the higher women go.

Women Have Come a Long Way But Are Still Not at Parity18 Women would need to work 44 additional days to catch up to men’s earnings in 2015. Women’s increased education and workforce participation have contributed to the narrowing of the wage gap. After controlling for hours, occupation, college major, employment sector, and other factors, the pay gap shrinks to 6. The earnings difference between women and men varies with age.

35, at which point median earnings for women start to slow down, further widening the pay gap. 418,800 over a 40-year period in wages, due only to the wage gap. To catch up to her male counterparts, she will need to work 10 additional years. 349,320, and need to work an additional 7 years. 840,040, and need to work 23 additional years. 1,043,800, and need to work an additional 34 years.

The Gender Wage Gap Varies by Industry33 The biggest wage gap in the United States is in the finance and insurance industry. Male-dominated occupations pay more than female-dominated occupations, even when comparing similar skill levels. The industry closest to parity is construction. Married men have the highest earnings. The median weekly earnings of married men working full-time are greater than any other group. Global The Global Gender Gap Will Not Close Until 218648 Among OECD countries, Korea has the widest gender wage gap at 36.

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