Children of the night in Russian

Children” is an instrumental composition by Italian dance children of the night in Russian Robert Miles. It was first released in Italy in January 1995 as part of the EP Soundtracks on Joe Vanelli’s DBX label, but it did not chart.

Miles gave two inspirations for the writing of “Children”. Children” is one of the pioneering tracks of Dream House a genre of electronic dance music characterized by dream-like piano melodies, and a steady four-on-the-floor bass drum. Sukachov explained that he gave his consent for the melody to be used. Billboard ascribes the final stage of the song’s promotion to the airing of its music video on music television networks such as MTV Europe and Germany’s VIVA. The second video, filmed in colour, alternates between images of Miles DJing at a nightclub rave and images of children at play, thereby touching upon both of the themes of the song. Children received widespread universal acclaim from critics.

The Gavin Report wrote: “In the time it takes you to listen to this song, another nation has probably taken this remarkable instrumental to the top of their chart. Name a country, and it’s likely Number One there right now. Children” was first released in Italy in January 1995 on Joe T. Vanelli’s DBX imprint label, as part of the Soundtracks EP. Subsequently, following exposure at a gathering of DJs and record producers in Miami, the track was licensed by the UK-based Platipus Records who were represented by UK licensing agency Dynamik Music.

Children” was a success worldwide, peaking at number one in more than 12 countries and holding that position for several weeks. Billboard magazine, it reached the top five in “every European country that has a singles chart”. French nightclubs began playing the imported record from Italy in 1995, making France one of the first countries to popularize the track. Spreading through the underground from clubs to, eventually, the radio, it was licensed there by an independent record label in November 1995. Spain and Italy itself were the other early adopters that brought the track into clubs.

In the United Kingdom, BBC Radio 1 did not play the song on its daytime playlist at first, though Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong did play it for three weeks in a row on his Essential Selection program in 1996. Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio featuring L. California Love” by 2Pac featuring Dr. DJ Calvin West released a cover version of the song on March 2, 2011, on Spinnin’ Records. On March 28, 2016, Keanu Silva released his cover also on Spinnin’ through the SPRS imprint. On April 20, 2017, Armin Van Buuren premiered at his weekly radio show A State of Trance a new version produced by David Gravell that was released one day later on the label A State of Trance. In June 2017, Australian post rock band sleepmakeswaves performed a cover version of the song for radio station Triple J, as a part of its weekly Like a Version segment.

Angel City, reaching number one on the UK Dance Charts. Kid Cudi mixtape Dat Kid from Cleveland. Dot Rotten’s dubstep and rap single, “Overload”. In 2015, rapper Tyga sampled the song in his single “Stimulated”. The usage of a sample titled “Children” in a song where Tyga defends committing statutory rape with his then-underage girlfriend, media personality Kylie Jenner, drew harsh criticism and controversy. In 2001, German trance group 4 Clubbers remixed the song and released it as a single.

It reached the top 20 in Spain and charted in France, Germany, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. In 2012, Jack Holiday and Mike Candys remixed the song and released it as a single. Archived from the original on 2006-10-18. Robert Miles, trance producer and DJ, has died at 47″. Я сказал “да, милости просим, почему нет”. I answered “yes, it’s ok, why not”.