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At Merit Chinese School, we’re dedicated to helping your child learning Chinese. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for children to learn Chinese language and to understand their cultural heritage. The curriculum emphasizes reading and writing skills, listening and conversation, as well as moral education. The Scholastic Kids Press Corps is a team of about chinese school kids Kid Reporters around the nation.

The interactive site brings daily news to life with reporting for kids, by kids. Kid Reporter Andrew Liang, far right, talks to students at the Qiushi Affiliated Primary School of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province. Kids keep their winter coats on inside the classroom at The Qiushi Affiliated Primary School of Zhejiang University. The school is in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, about 45 minutes by high-speed train from Shanghai in the heart of China. The school isn’t heated, and the inside is almost as cold as outdoors.

In many ways, schools in China are much like schools in America. The campuses are much smaller and the number of students per teacher much higher, but the schools have playgrounds with basketball courts as well as track and field. But they are also surrounded by steel fences with a security gate. More than 1,300 students ages 6 to 12 from grades 1 to 6 attend Qiushi. They have 81 teachers, who travel from classroom to classroom to teach their subjects. We have five classrooms per grade, and there are about 45 students in a classroom,” Guomin Zhu, Vice General Principal, told this reporter on a recent visit to the school. The students stay in the same classrooms for different subjects.