Choosing a preschool for kids

403 ERROR The request could choosing a preschool for kids be satisfied. Make the right decision and you could put them on a path toward lifelong learning, a prestigious college education and a successful career. Choose wrong, and well, you know.

The connection between child and teacher is more important than any curriculum, Tyre said. 7, and school is their first time spending a large portion of their day away from those people. You want to look for a preschool teacher who is very engaged, Tyre said. Have a conversation with a prospective teacher about their current classroom. Your child should be surrounded with words, especially in the early years, Tyre said.

You want to look for books in the classroom and be sure the class makes regular visits to the library. You also want to ensure the teacher sets aside lots of time for reading, reading instruction and storytelling. In the preschool and kindergarten years, be sure the teacher is providing the building blocks for learning to read. They should focus on syllabication, e. From the first days of school, your kids should be exposed to math concepts. When your child is preschool age, what you need to know is this: there is no need to wait until children are older and are able to think and speak in more abstract ways to introduce math concepts,” Tyre writes in The Good School.

A certain kind of math ability seems to be innate in all of us and has been measured days after birth. Sometimes, good test scores can be an indication that a school is doing a very good job of educating its students, but other times it can be an indication that the school is teaching to the test. Standardized tests only measure about a third of the curriculum that should be being taught in the school, which means if the school is only teaching the test material, your child is missing out on a lot. What a mistake that is, Tyre said. No one thinks this is a good idea,” she said. Apart from the obvious physical benefits of aerobic exercise, studies have shown recess also increases cognitive functioning, she said. Tyre has seen elementary schools built without playgrounds, schools functioning like boot camps or reading-and-math factories, based on the idea that more instructional time means more learning.

While not even a superteacher can entirely alleviate the effects of poverty on students, excellent teachers not only teach more, but they can even accelerate the rate of learning among their students. And good schools champion great teachers, Tyre said. Look for schools that provide teachers with mentors, instruction and discussion of best practices. Find a school where the teachers are not being treated as interchangeable cogs. There is no colloquial designation that guarantees quality.

Just the word charter or private does not mean the school is a success. In fact, Tyre said, only 1 in 5 charter schools performs better than the schools they replace. There is no uniformly great private school, no uniformly great charter school and no uniformly great public school,” Tyre said. There is no easy name that you can gravitate toward that will allow you to suspend judgment. Read about gay teens suing a Minnesota school district over its bullying policy. Read about how the ACT shows 1 in 4 high school grads is unprepared for college. Preschools in Indonesia Within large cities in Indonesia you will find a wide variety of preschool options for your young children.

Some preschools organize Moms and Tots programs for 1-2 year olds who are preparing to enter a preschool program. There are also many extracurricular activities, including physical play, music, art and other social opportunities for young children which are organized by community organizations or through commercial entities. What’s most important is to find the preschool experience that you feel is most appropriate for your child. If you are looking for a more Asian academic setting to prepare for elementary school or an open experience and creative play orientation, there is a school that will match your requirements. They must follow a standard curriculum, set by the Department, which prepares children for entry into the Indonesian school system. These schools are attended primarily by Indonesian children and instruction is conducted in the Indonesian language. Due to the limited facilities available and the need to follow the official curriculum, there is not much time for or emphasis on creative play and freedom to explore for the children.

Mobility of the children is limited. With the high percentage of middle and upper class Indonesia children raised by nannies, TK is often seen as the place where children learn to feed and care for themselves and begin on the road to independence. International Preschools There are a number of excellent preschools owned and run by professionals in early childhood education. While not all may have immediately recognizable ‘franchise names’, the curriculum, facilities and training are of international standard. A number of internationally franchised preschools are also found in Indonesia following American, British, Australian or other international education philosophy.

Their prices are generally higher than local schools as they must pay a foreign currency franchise fee. While they have the advantage of a set curriculum and assistance in choosing educational toys, materials and facilities, these schools are only as good as the philosophy and training of their teachers and principal. Franchises can be purchased, but good teachers must be trained. Language A major concern in preschool education will be the language of instruction. While the majority of international preschools profess to conduct their activities in English, the mixture of the children’s nationalities may lead to some interesting scenarios.