Cia kid training camp

A mother of two who became the first female agent station by the CIA in Soviet Russia has revealed how she told her children about her real occupation – after telling them to meet her for lunch at Roy Rogers. Martha Peterson trained cia kid training camp join the CIA in 1975 and, after becoming proficient Russian and learning surveillance techniques, embarked on a two-year mission in Moscow.

She remained undercover, placing dead drops in the city and receiving secret packages from agent TRIGON, a Soviet diplomat recruited to work for the CIA in Latin America. But colleagues warned her that waiting too long could cause her children to resent her for not trusting them. Peterson, who is featured in the premiere episode of CNN’s ‘Declassified’ series this Sunday, waited until Good Friday, when her children were off from school and didn’t have any other plans for the day. Her daughter Lora called her around 10am and Peterson asked her to come for lunch with her brother. I sensed this aroused her curiosity because I never met them for lunch,’ Peterson wrote in Widow Spy. I assured her that Tyler knew where the Roy Rogers was. By the time Lora and Tyler arrived, Peterson had been sitting in her parked car for 15 minutes.