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They are perfect for read-alouds and bedtime stories, as well as for author studies! The videos feature two schools in Northern Virginia with a strong collaborative culture, where teams of educators and administrators are working every day to find effective strategies of support and instruction for their ELLs. Samantha Kirch demonstrates the ways she uses informal assessment to gauge student understanding, as well as the kinds of support offered to ELLs who need some extra practice with the concept of drawing conclusions. In this interview, she discusses the approaches she uses to support ELLs in and out of the classroom.

In this interview, Samantha talks about the different ways she uses informal assessment in the classroom and some of her ideas for differentiating instruction. In this interview, she talks about the ways in which she collaborates with her colleagues to support ELLs, differentiate instruction, and target skills where students need more practice. Award-winning illustrator Rafael López is used with permission. Valley Calendar Click here for what you need to know about submitting your event to the calendar. This article is about the park and surrounding neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City.

For the neighborhood of the same name in Los Angeles, see Gramercy Park, Los Angeles. The neighborhood, which is divided between New York City’s Manhattan Community Board 5 and Manhattan Community Board 6, is generally perceived to be a quiet and safe area. The neighborhood, associated historic district, and park have generally received positive reviews. Calling it “a Victorian gentleman who has refused to die”, Charlotte Devree in The New York Times said that “There is nothing else quite like Gramercy Park in the country.

The laying out of Gramercy Park represents one of the earliest attempts in this country at ‘City Planning’. The neighborhood’s boundaries are 14th Street to the south, Third Avenue to the east, 23rd Street to the north, and Park Avenue South to the west. The boundaries of the Historic District, set in 1966 and extended in 1988, are irregular, lying within the neighborhood, and can be seen in the map in the infobox on the right. Flagstone near west gate to Gramercy Park bearing the words “Gramercy Park Founded By Samuel B. The area which is now Gramercy Park was once in the middle of a swamp. Ruggles, a developer and advocate of open space, proposed the idea for the park due to the northward growth of Manhattan. As part of his overall plan for the square, Ruggles received permission on January 28, 1833 from the Board of Alderman to open up Fourth Avenue, which had been limited to use by trains, to vehicular traffic.