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You are being redirected Javascript is required. Please enable javascript before you are allowed to see this page. From toddlers to teens, girls will love being on trend with these popular searches. With cool, casual looks for parties and playtime as well as stylish but smart school clothing for girls, browse the most recent collections for the season. Whatever their style, there’s no doubt the new collections will have something to suit both them and the occasion. Are you sure you want to navigate away from this site? It’s easy for teens to get into a monotonous rut on the weekends.

And, keeping fussy teens engaged and entertained is a tall order in any case. But, if you do want to break this cycle of boredom, here’s a list of activities to liven up your teen’s free time. 10 Fun Things To Do On The Weekend For Teenagers:1. Going out for a meal with friends is an excellent way for the teens to socialize. Teens do not just get great conversation, but can also enjoy a delicious meal if they choose wisely.

The restaurant does not have to be expensive. Teens can have good quality food and drink at a reasonable price as well. Even a café would make an excellent choice. They can even see more of what’s happening by sitting outside the café.

Organizing a trip to the theme park can be thrilling and fun for all. Water Park and indulge in some go karting. A trip to the theme park will take an entire day, so tell the teens to plan beforehand which theme park they want to go and where they want to eat. If the teens want to visit a water park, ensure that they carry the right clothing. And do check for youth, teenager, or student discounts. With the introduction of multiplayer video games like Nintendo Wii, playing video games is an entirely new level of entertainment.

So gather your teen and his friends at home, hand each of them a remote, a bowl of popcorn and let the fun begin. Roller-skating and skateboarding can be fun, relaxing and exhilarating. It won’t just provide recreation for teens, but it will also improve their overall body balance and get them in shape. If your teen is a beginner, then let him first practice in a local skate park or driveway. And ensure that he always wears protective gear. Tell your teen’s friends to bring over the clothes that they have never worn.

When the teens arrive, gather all the clothes and put them in a pile. Now one by one, tell the teens to pull the clothes out and try them. To make the game more fun, let the teens go home wearing the clothes they have tried. Teens can also experiment with facial scrubs during the weekends. You only need to provide them with the ingredients. To make the scrub, mix sea salt, sugar, and olive together to make a paste. Tell the teens to exfoliate their skin with this scrub for up to a minute.