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I am Dennis and I like comic funny cartoons. On this page I have collected a large number of jokes, cows, cartoons, comics, pigs and other stuff I think you will enjoy. I can not do anymore without these jokes, and I am sure that very soon neither can you.

I also love Microsoft bashing and the exercise of doing this keeps me fit as well. Just keep it up 15 minutes a day on and you will notice the difference! If I have offended any lawyers on this page, just keep in mind that without you lovely folks there would be no lawyer jokes. I also appreciate some feedback on my good looks. One 250-word news satire every weekday. The official Website of the Daily Show – online videos from an American late night satirical television program. Hilarious puppets – like the Muppets but not like the Muppets.

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The Most Comprehensive Joint Mobility Training Program Is Now FREE! Sometimes, I think we take health and fitness a little too seriously. There’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun, and I think a little fun can go a long way towards compliance with a lifestyle fitness approach. How Many Pushups Should I Be Able To Do? How Many Pull-ups Should I Be Able To Do? Amtac Professional Services Partners with Swamp Cartoons regarding waste management and the environment. Gary Clark celebrates a creative milestone of 12,000 Cartoons!

Cartoon Search to buy an Original Cartoon. See hundreds of fabulous Swamp Products on Zazzle. Welcome to Pixelton Join the secluded tropical island of Pixelton as a discarded band of 8-bit heroes find life beyond the small screen. Follow Kirby and Fil for their quest for true meaning. Sure, the carpet looks a little worse for wear, and the cat still hates you, but overall the experience remains overwhelmingly wonderful. Many huzzahs for recommending the wonderful Mateki which was illustrated by Yosjitaka Amano. Plus 100,000 geek cred for good classical music taste and a Final Fantasy related artist tie-in.

Within a foot of me I have a tiny army, and each member of this clan is named Fred. So if you have any questions or requests for the Army of Fred please let me know, and I will pass them along! I’ve silently working on the Pixelton interactive graphic novel over the past few years. It has been much tougher than I ever expected and I hope it is worth all of this effort. If I can stick to my current schedule, Book 1 will weigh in over 400 pages and land in 2015. If you enjoyed the little comics here, I hope it would be the unfulfilled promise of these internet halls.

The animation work for Pixelton also continues. I’m working with a few other supremely talented animators to make side-stories in this universe. The work that these artists inspires me to make the book worthy of their art. I’m also working with a brilliant musician in the UK to develop the soundtrack. As Pixelton will launch primarily digitally I feel this will really add to emotional experience. On my own I’ve been creating music for this project for years too. Two years ago I worked with a developer to build a digital comics platform for interactive comics called Infinite Panel.