Creative teenage room ideas

Coming up with teenage boys’ bedroom ideas is no easy feat for a parent. You want to give them the creative freedom to express themselves, but creative teenage room ideas are also practical considerations to take into account, such as study space and the cost of redecorating when they reach GCSE age and are mortally embarrassed by the wallpaper they chose when they were 13.

Whether it’s an inspiring study corner, a place to lay their head or storage options to curtail even the messiest of teenagers, we’ve got some great teenage boys’ bedroom ideas to inspire you. The many roles of a teenage boy’s room For a teenage boy his bedroom is like a fort protecting him from the outside world. It’s a place where he can go to get some private space or hang out with friends and siblings. It’s also a place where he can start to express his own identity separate from the rest of the household.

That said, teenage boys’ bedrooms also need to be practical, especially if your teenager is at the age when he needs to study for exams, so good storage and a desk area are a big plus if the room is big enough. How to tackle the changing tastes of teens When choosing a decorating scheme for a teenage boy’s bedroom, bear in mind that a young teenager’s tastes will change as they get older so it might be a good idea to go for a wall colour that’s easy to live with and update the look with accessories, rather than having to redecorate every couple of years. What teenager wouldn’t love the licence to graffiti all over their bedroom walls? It’s the perfect way to express yourself during those difficult years when you’re struggling to work out your own identity, plus it creates an irresistibly edgy look. While this decorating option may only be for more laidback parents, it does have its advantages.

If getting creative on the walls is a bridge too far, let your teenager express their style though accessories instead. A statement duvet set is a great way to do this. It makes an instant impact in a room and is quick and easy to change if and when your son gets bored of a look. Moody grey is a reassuringly masculine shade and makes an ideal backdrop to practically any colour scheme. If your son has a favourite hobby or collection, why not incorporate it into his bedroom design scheme?