Crochet for beginners kids lessons video

This is the way I increase when I crochet anything round. I hate getting that crochet for beginners kids lessons video shape!

And I felt very strongly about writing my pattern out this way. Both kids and my own Riley loved them. I posted them on my Ravelry projects page, and shared them on Flickr. I’ve had a lot of requests for the pattern. So I figured it was about time I wrote it out all nice and pretty, and shared it here!

Rounds are worked in continuous spirals, do not join or turn. Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning or end of each round. Make sure to move the marker up each time you start a new round. You can substitute “ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook” for the magic ring and round 1, if you prefer. I use an invisible fasten off, there is a great tutorial for that here, just scroll down to “invisible finish”. I always back weave my ends, here is a video showing you exactly the same method I use.

The height of the bowls can also be adjusted to your liking, just add more rounds until they are the desired height. They are awesome for nesting, stacking, sorting, counting, patterns and anything else you or your little tot can think up! Every time Riley sees pictures of them on the computer, he tells me he wants them, so I am finally getting around to making him his own set. When I finish one bowl, he tells me which color he wants me to make next. I hope you like making them! It’s the first time I’ve shared one of my patterns, so I am kinda nervous. I plan on writing out the pattern for the balls too.

They are simple, and pretty basic. You can find several version online already if you look, but I figured I’d share it anyways, to save you the trouble! Hopefully I can get it posted this week. Edit: You can now find the pattern for the color sorting balls here. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you spot a mistake! Thank you for sharing the pattern. I like your blog, and am also a fellow crocheter!