Crossfit specialty courses

REAL RESULTS Functional fitness that works. It didn’t take long for my flexibility and stamina to improve significantly. While focusing on new areas such as gymnastics, my other strengths such as lifting and crossfit specialty courses were not hampered but actually improved. It is about gaining self confidence in a community environment that is centered around helping one another grow.

I genuinely look forward to going after work and think the coaches are fantastic. They put a lot of hard work into their plans and it really shows. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging! I’ve never felt comfortable in a gym before, and both the members and coaches here instantly made me feel welcome. All of the coaches are very attentive to each individual’s workout, ensuring safety and proper form. Each day I feel more like I’m a part of a family.

It’s a clean gym full of great and helpful people that won’t hesitate to push you to be a better version of you each day! We’re located just off of I77 and I485 in the Berkshire Business Center. Just 2 minutes from the Northlake Mall! Learn basic positions and teaching points for instructing others. Participants will learn optimal ways to coach and motivate individual athletes to perform the lifts safely, efficiently, and effectively. Hodges treats a wide range of emotional, mental, and physical health problems in psychological practice.

Hodges’ advanced training in psychopharmacology allows him to consult with patients and physicians on the use of medication therapy. Affiliations: Medical staff member at Sharp Coronado Hospital, Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital, Paradise Valley Hospital. He is an active member of the California Psychological Association and San Diego Psychological Association. He makes rounds at various skilled nursing and assisted living facilities throughout San Diego. Hodges likes to surf, ride his skate board, do boot camp, spend time with friends, watch old movies and be with his family. Cade treats a wide range of emotional, mental, and physical health problems in psychological practice.

Her specialties include Trauma, Anxiety, couples work, Eating Disorders, and performance enhancement. Family, Emergency and Crisis Management and Bipolar Disorder. Cade is a tenured faculty member at San Diego State University. She continues to teach psychology courses there as well as works with the students on campus. She also provides consultation to sports programs and athletic teams in the San Diego area.