Cute activities for preschoolers

We Just Published Our First Book! Lions are the largest cat with some cute activities for preschoolers over 500 pounds.

They are so big that they are even bigger than tigers. With their ferociousness and agility, lions are at the top of the food chain. That is why some people refer to lions as “The King of the Jungle”. Currently lions live in the wild in both Asian and Africa. However, you can always see a lion in a zoo or a circus.

Lions used to be the most widespread mammal on the earth after humans, but their population is suffering greatly. Get a stone for the lion’s boday. Wrap a pipe cleaner under the stone, slightly out the front but mostly out the back, for the tail Wrap pipe cleaners around the stone and the tail, as pictured above. Now wrap a pipe cleaner around the rock for both the front and back lets.