Dead mcr lyrics

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The Black Parade is the third studio album by American rock band My Chemical Romance. The Black Parade as shown in the music video to the song “Welcome to the Black Parade”. The Black Parade is a rock opera centering around the character of “The Patient”. It is about his passage out of life and the memories he has of his life.

The Patient” dies and death comes for him in the form of a parade. The album also saw the creation of the alter-ego band, The Black Parade. My Chemical Romance would perform the album live in costume as the Black Parade up until October 7, 2007 Mexico City performance. Lead singer Gerard Way has cited the bands Queen and Pink Floyd as major influences on the album. The intention was to make something that was classic, something timeless,” explained guitarist Ray Toro.

Something that 20 or 30 years from now, parents could play for their kids and say, ‘This is what I was listening to when I was your age. Check it out, it’s still cool. We wanted to make a record you could pass down. There’s a lot of music out now that doesn’t feel like that. When we did Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, we didn’t fit in,” he said.

There was a little less screaming and a little more melody, but it was still us. On July 31, 2006, The Black Parade was announced for release. In August, the band was filming a music video in Los Angeles for “Famous Last Words”. During filming, Way tore his ankle ligaments and Bryar suffered burns on his leg.

The Black Parade was made available for streaming on October 19, and was released through Reprise on October 24. Several special editions of The Black Parade were released. One bears white text on a black background, and the second has black text on a white background. A third version has the normal booklet reversed, showing the picture of the parade drawn and painted by comic artist James Jean. Inside the booklet there are also lyrics, a photo of the band, and characters from the album.

A limited edition of the album was released the same time as the original release. It contains the same track listing as the original release but it is sold in a box wrapped in black velveteen material. It also contains a 64-page book which includes concept art by Gerard Way and making of the album notes by the band. The version of The Black Parade that was released in Japan contains different content than the other regular editions.