Development of creative abilities of children by means of unconventional drawing

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This fully offset laminated, hinged-lid packaging with glued lid inlay holds the pan lid perfectly. What’s more, its ingenious design makes it extremely stable, attention-grabbing and sales-enhancing. The quarter display offers elegant presentation and high product visibility. All of the individual components were flexo-printed and finished before being cut out. The shell, shelves and plinth panel are not glued, making the display a secondary point of sale that combines value for money with a high-quality appearance. This promotional box is perfect for presenting a variety of wines, regions and producers.

The way in which the box is folded means that both the outside and inside can be printed digitally in a single run. The EE flute that has been chosen also provides the stability that the box contents need. The promotional gifts created by Model Opakowania always have a link to one of the countries in which we manufacture or sell our packaging. This time, we are taking you on a journey to one of the best-known areas of France: Provence, home to the world-renowned ‘herbes de Provence’. This practical, space-saving counter-top display was developed following the launch of Strath Vitality and Strath Immun. A scented promise: the sophisticated perfume packaging from Model Kramp!

An attractive look and feel is almost a given when it comes to packaging for the cosmetics industry. However, Model Kramp has managed to produce more than just a sophisticated packaging design and incorporated a further sensual stimulus. Using the original fragrance of the perfume not only eliminates the need for expensive scent sampling, it also prevents damage to the packaging and product caused by testing. A display that meets different needs: the construction of the revised version had to be more efficient than its predecessor, while the display had to meet the various requirements of Düring AG’s end customers. Gold tones are extremely vivid and provide brilliant highlights. Blue metallic or glossy black tones, on the other hand, produce a deep shine. The transport packaging for Les Murailles Brut features high-resolution HQP flexo printing in five colours with lacquer.