Diagnosis of fine motor skills in young children

We have already been reprimanded by the local Kindergarten teacher and Munchkin Diagnosis of fine motor skills in young children is only three years old. Several weekends ago our local elementary school offered a fun program to kids ages 3-5.

The idea is to have a bunch of crafts and games and get to meet the Kindergarten teacher. I was really excited and so was Munchkin. We found a good station right away and my daughter happily started coloring. Pretty soon the Kindergarten teacher walked over. She seemed very warm and we introduced ourselves.

This is my daughter,” I said. She’s three and is very excited to be here. The teacher looked down at Munchkin and smiled but then grabbed the crayon right out of her hand. She’s making a fist,” the teacher said. You really need to break that habit before she gets to Kindergarten. You wouldn’t believe how many children come to Kindergarten and are still coloring this way! It’s because they don’t have strong enough muscles.

You really need to work on fine motor skills and fast! Here honey, do it like this,” she said. The teacher walked away and everyone was staring at us. It had never entered my mind before to think about how she was holding her crayon. This wasn’t exactly turning out to be the fun experience I had in mind. I was actually beginning to panic. She was going to need extra help!

If I was a good Mommy, she would already be holding her pencil the right way! Maybe if I didn’t work, I would have been able to cultivate her fine motor skills. Then I took a deep breath. She’s not even 3 and half yet for crying out loud. She’s a very bright kid so I’m sure she won’t go to high school holding her pen in a fist. That being said, although we work on fine motor often, we clearly needed more practice and maybe some fresh ideas. I decided to consult with my good friend and former Kindergarten teacher, Susan Case.