Difference between teenagers and adolescence

Anger is only one letter short of danger. This popular saying sums difference between teenagers and adolescence the detrimental effect of anger.

And if this powerful emotion teams up with teenage, its effects can be even more destructive. If you are the parent of a teenager, anger management will be one of the biggest challenges that you may be facing. Understanding your teenager’s psyche and following a few tips can help you manage anger in youth better. Why Does My Teenager Get So Angry?

We have all been there, haven’t we? Remember, how your parents struggled dealing with your moods and emotions during your teens? The best way to manage anger in teens is to understand why he gets so angry in first place. Teenage is an age of physical and psychological development and hormonal changes. There is a serious metamorphosis in and around your teen’s world which creates a lot of confusion.

Your once obedient and sweet child who couldn’t even think of being separated from you now will not be seen within reach. As your teen slowly flies out of your comfortable cocoon and gets more independent, he constantly faces confusion. The transition of getting fully independent from being fully dependent earlier creates confusion in your teenager’s brain. Respect the fact that your teenager is growing up and give him the space he expects and deserves.

Teenage Brain Develops Differently:The two pivotal brain parts of humans develop in two different speeds during teenage years. While one part is developed fully, the other is still developing. These two parts together help them make decisions and lead life. Due to the different stages of development, one part functions fully while the other lags behind. The fully developed part holds emotions like anger, happiness, love etc. These emotions are at their lifetime peak during teens.