Disadvantages of teenage pregnancy

There has been a rise in teen pregnancies in recent times, most of which are unplanned, mistakes, can lead to abortions, and disadvantages of teenage pregnancy healthcare risks. Statistics have revealed that teen pregnancies are most common in the USA.

However, since the 1990s the number of teen births has seen a decline. The rates dropped more in some states than others and in specific racial groups. For example, African-American teenage moms, who make up a huge percentage of the teen mom population, witnessed a steep decline. However, Hispanic teens and African-American teens still have a higher birth rate than their contemporaries.

Important Statistics About Teen Pregnancy78 out of 100 White teens and 70 out of 100 African-American teens stated that improper communication between them and their parents is a huge cause of teenage pregnancy. Out of all the teen pregnancies, sadly, only 57 out of 100 actually have a successful birth and delivery whereas 14 out of 100 experience a miscarriage. As per the Family First Aid, the rate of teenage pregnancy costs the U. S a whopping 7 million dollars annually!