Disputes connected with education of children

Phil” to the students at J. He supervised their food program and interacted with the kids every day. He knew their names and disputes connected with education of children diets. Philando’s death affected every one of those kids.

This fund hopes to provide the kids with a lasting connection to Mr. Please help Philando continue to feed his kids. We can now help all schools in St. Please see note at bottom about mailing a donation! Many people wonder if this site and venture has been approved by Philando’s family. I talked with Philando’s mother, Valerie Castile, before this site was created.

We have her approval and blessing. I keep her updated about our success. Castile is an amazing woman who dedicates herself to justice and peace. I am grateful to know her, and to do this to honor her beloved son. The donations and sharing of the cause is amazing! We are now able to help pay off the debt at ALL St Paul Public Schools and will expand as wide as we are able! The goal continues to rise because we continue to challenge ourselves and the greater community to make this fund permanent.

Phil will feed his kids for as long as we can raise the money. You can mail a check to donate! Fergus, 2323-ILION Av N, Mpls, MN. We are grateful to the many donors and folks who share this site. There is no goal, as we will need money every semester to help families pay for school meals. I attended the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus concert last night. It was two hours of historic and new protest songs.