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Ash somehow sweats the primary ingredient of Rare Candies. Rare Candy are items in the game that instantly level a Pokemon. Ash has somehow leveled up and evolved Pokemon that he’s never trained prior to that episode. Likewise, Jessie’s and James’s tears are made of Rare Candy. That’s why Koffing and Ekans evolved when they were crying. Supercondense it and fuse with a Pikanium Z, and you get Pikashunium Z. If that’s true, then why don’t they just cry on Meowth so he’ll learn Pay Day, and they won’t have to work for Team Rocket anymore?

Then they can get rich easy! Because Pay Day uses the trainer’s own money in the attack, which is picked up afterwards. Erm, it doesn’t work that way. You can have 0 Pokedollars, use Payday on a wild Pokemon, then pick up a small amount of Poke right after the battle. It’s not a matter of levels, he’s physically incapable of it since he learned to talk. It’s been stated repeatedly throughout the years and forcing him to level up has already been tried.

Pay Day might use the attacking pokemon’s own money, Meowths are said to find shiny objects. Team Rockets Meowth would not throw away money like that. Ash always visits the eight weakest gyms in a region. Johto” guff is just townspeople or apprentices, or even the Gym Leader, bragging. That’s why he never wins Pokemon League tournaments. Come on, the second time he was defeated by Ash himself!

Yes, Ash lost all the Pokemon League tournaments he participated. In compensation, both his more recent defeats were by an inch- in Johto against a guy that lost only to the guy that ended turning champion, without use his best Pokemon because he was seriously injured during the fight against Ash. Gengar has been stealthily helping Ash throughout his journey ever since. Ash’s near-death experiences have caused him to suffer brain damage. This would go to explain why Ash seems to forget vital information about Pokemon, and generally being Too Dumb to Live. For the same reason, Team Rocket became incompetent because the hundreds of blasting offs have caused severe head injury.

Ash and Team Rocket becoming more competent is due to their head-injuries healing. He has just enough fourth wall awareness to realize that, if he ever conclusively wins anything or solves all problems and goals he has at a given time, it means his adventures would end, he’d start aging, and need to get a real job. This explains why he seemed to Restart at Level One in Best Wishes. Granted, the second time involved him giving himself a wound to break synchronicity or something, but the fact that he was able to call up the modifier speaks well at least of his initiative, if not the aforementioned will power. Ash is actually an experimental android. Unfortunately, his memory banks can only hold so much, so they have to reset his strategical knowledge after each league.