DIY math figure 2 for kids

Once you’ve got it brushed out, it’s time to pin it up into that high ponytail I mentioned earlier. DIY math figure 2 for kids make sure you enjoy yourself. Once your ponytail is take care of, run a brush through your hair again and lean your head forward, gathering the ends of your ponytail in one hand.

When you’re ready, hold your hair between two straightened fingers and cut, straight across, along the bottom of your fingers. If preferred, you can work with a partner. Once you’ve made the official cut, you can let your hair down and check the length. If you want it shorter, just pin it up and try again! Cutting your hair this way is especially forgiving if you have wavy or curly hair since mistakes don’t show as easily. And didn’t my youngest do a lovely job making an origami house? While I wouldn’t suggest using your kitchen shears or kid’s safety scissors to trim your hair, you can get away with a cheap pair of hair cutting scissors like these stainless steal scissors I have.

I’ve also had luck with a pair of scissors that came with a pair of hair trimmers. Have you ever cut your own hair? Is hair cutting something you splurge on or do yourself? I think this will work for me, although my hair isn’t quite as long as yours yet! I’m so glad you posted this because I just recently cut my own hair for the first time!