Drawing by squares for kids 9 years

We Just Published Our First Book! This is another picture craft that is very drawing by squares for kids 9 years to do. All you need to do is to prepare the paper beforehand by either coloring the paper with rainbow of colors in crayons or watercolors.

If using watercolors, make sure to use watercolor paper and to let the picture completely dry. Next, cover the entire picture in black crayons. Next scratch a design in the paper with a bent paperclip or a toothpick. The black will be the background color and the scratched surface will be rainbow colors. This is just a dooling sort of arts project to do.

Draw a series of loops and curves, and keep in mind that you want to join the ends in the final loop. Either a free form sort of design can be made or one combining a series of symmetrical figures. Color the loops with crayons or colored pencils, either in assorted colors or a few harmonizing ones. Often, kids will like to color designs made by other children so swapping pictures to color is a fun idea to think about. This is such a cool idea – you will like it. Ask your parents to help you mix soap flakes and water together until you get a stiff paste. Draw a picture in which a soapy foam would make sense, such as the ocean or a woman’s hair.