Drawing children do exercises in the preparatory group

GIRM, 2nd edition, 26 March 1970. GIRM, 3rd edition, owing to suppression of the drawing children do exercises in the preparatory group-diaconate, 23 December 1972. The Order of Mass has been established and the texts for the Roman Missal have been approved by Pope Paul VI in the Apostolic Constitution “Missale Romanum.

This Congregation for Divine Worship, at the mandate of the Pope, now promulgates and declares to be the “editio typica” this new edition of the Roman Missal prepared in accord with the decrees of Vatican Council II. As to use of the new Missal, the Latin edition may be put into use as soon as it is published, with the necessary adjustments of saints’ days until the revised calendar is put into definitive effect. As to vernacular editions, the conferences of bishops are given the responsibility for their preparation and for setting the effective date for their use, after due confirmation by the Apostolic See. From the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship, 26 March 1970, Holy Thursday. Since the Roman Missal must be reprinted, variations and additions have been included in order that this new edition might be in accord with the documents published after the appearance of the first edition in 1970. There is another change of some importance in the section of the Roman Missal that contains the ritual Masses and the Masses for various needs and occasions.

Certain formularies have been completed by supplying entrance and communion antiphons. Texts not found in the first edition have also been added, namely, among the ritual Masses, texts for the Mass of Dedication of a Church and an Altar and for the Mass of Reconciliation, among votive Masses, texts for Masses of Mary, Mother of the Church and of the Most Holy Name of Mary. Some other, less important changes have been introduced in headings and rubrics so that they may better correspond to the words or expressions occurring in the new liturgical books. Pope Paul VI has approved this second edition of the Roman Missal by his authority and the Congregation for Divine Worship now issues it and declares it to be the “editio typica. It will be the responsibility of the conferences of bishops to introduce into the respective vernacular editions the changes contained in this second edition of the Roman Missal. From the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship, 27 March 1975, Holy Thursday.