Drawing for children 6 and 7 years

The Drawing for children 6 and 7 years stage is made up of four sub-stages. Disordered – uncontrolled markings that could be bold or light depending upon the personality of the child. At this age the child has little or no control over motor activity. Longitudinal – controlled repetitions of motions.

Demonstrates visually an awareness and enjoyment of kinesthetic movements. Circular – further exploring of controlled motions demonstrating the ability to do more complex forms. The preschematic stage is announced by the appearance of circular images with lines which seem to suggest a human or animal figure. The drawings show what the child perceives as most important about the subject.

There is little understanding of space – objects are placed in a haphazard way throughout the picture. The use of color is more emotional than logical. This stage is easily recognized by the demonstrated awareness of the concept of space. Objects in the drawing have a relationship to what is up and what is down. A definite base and sky line is apparent. Items in the drawing are all spatially related.