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Reader Momttorney was asking about writing instruments that could help her four-year-old, who has challenges with fine-motor skills. I’ve found a bunch of stuff that’s enabled Max to draw and write. I’m sharing here—please add your ideas, too! First up: positioning paper so it’s easy for your child to draw or write on. You can smoosh Crayola Model Magic around a pencil, pen, marker, crayon or piece of chalk to give it grip. One of Max’s occupational therapists used to wind Coban Wrap around pencils and crayons to build them up and make them easier for Max to grasp.

Max isn’t yet ready for it, but it looks helpful. Alex Creamy Crayons are chunky-ish and glide really easily. OK, your turn: Please share strategies and suggestions for products, tools and apps that have helped your child draw and write. And definitely discuss new ones you want to try with your child’s occupational therapist, as one solution definitely doesn’t fit all. Can you post a picture of what you mean with the binder clip, please? I’ve clearly not had enough coffee because I’m sitting with my clip and my pencil not sure how to do this in a way that will help.